The distributed I/O system for future-proof plants

Integrated and optimized data availability along the entire value-added chain is the basis for innovative business models. This also places special demands on your distributed I/O: flexible scalability of the systems, high-performance hardware in the field, smart features. With SIMATIC ET 200, you get more out of your data and tap the full potential of your I/O system.

Automation with SIMATIC ET 200 - flexible, powerful, smart

No matter whether you are looking for space-saving solutions for the control cabinet or robust modules with IP65/IP67 degree of protection. With SIMATIC ET 200, you can fulfill almost any requirement cost-effectively. Permanent data availability from engineering to plant operation makes the ET 200 an integrated data hub. What’s more, you invest in the future-proofing of your machines and become ready for new business models such as "production as a service"

ET 200 system features – integrated added value

With the SIMATIC ET 200 modular I/O system, you automatically benefit from numerous integrated functions and features. This allows you to implement even complex machine and plant concepts in no time at all. 

  • Standard and safety functions in one system

    Use standard and fail-safe modules together on the same controller to save space. Implement fail-safe shutdowns up to SIL2 cost-effectively with standard modules

  • Integrated technological and technical measurement functions

    Use ready-made technology modules to implement technological and technical measurement tasks such as pulse width modulation.  In addition, integrated system functions ensure a good scalability of price and function

  • Maximum industrial suitability due to extremely rugged design

    All products of the ET 200 family offer you the highest quality and rugged design for use in industrial environments. SIPLUS extreme as well as product families with IP67 degree of protection are available for difficult to extreme conditions

  • Flexible allocation of data to multiple controllers

    ET 200 supports efficient data exchange between multiple controllers. With the "Shared Device" function, the modules of an ET 200 station can be used by different controllers. Modules with the MSI (Multiple Shared Input) or MSO (Multiple Share Output) property enable several controllers to have simultaneous read access to their switching states. This saves space and money

  • Fast troubleshooting through integrated system diagnosis

    Benefit from fast troubleshooting and detailed diagnoses. The configuration of the diagnosis is a user-friendly procedure, integrated in the system, and can be activated with a single click

  • Reduced engineering effort through configuration control

    With the configuration control (option handling), customer-specific variants of a previously configured maximum setup can easily be generated without any necessary project adjustments, which increases flexibility and saves costs

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